How to find customers for the Television industry

Examples for how to find customers in the Television industry and help them get what they want. Let's study one business idea at a time.

AdEngage - Ad Engagement Analytics Platform

Television Networks want to increase advertising revenue. They struggle to accurately measure audience engagement with ads.

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Efficiency Tool for Television Networks

Television networks want to streamline content production workflows and reduce costs. They face inefficiencies in content creation processes and high production costs.

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EngageTV - Interactive Television Experience

Television Producers want to increase viewer engagement and interaction with their shows. They struggle to create interactive content to keep viewers engaged.

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ScriptSync: The Script Collaboration Tool for Television Showrunners

Television Showrunners want to efficiently manage scripts and track changes during the production process. They struggle with version control and collaboration issues when multiple team members are working on scripts simultaneously.

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ShowPlan - TV Production Scheduling Software

TV Showrunners want to efficiently manage production schedules. They struggle to keep track of shooting days, locations, and cast availability.

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TVsync: Television Production Coordination Platform

Television showrunners want to efficiently schedule and manage every aspect of television production. They struggle with coordinating the schedules of cast, crew, and production teams.

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ViewInsight: Viewer Engagement Analytics for Television Networks

Television network executives want to optimize ad revenue and viewer engagement. They struggle to track and analyze viewer behavior and engagement with TV content.

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Audience Engagement Analytics Tool for TV Showrunners

TV Showrunners want to increase viewer engagement and retention. They struggle to gather real-time audience feedback and insights.

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TV Audience Insight Analytics Tool

TV Executives want to analyze viewer trends and maximize audience engagement. They struggle to gather and interpret real-time data from multiple sources.

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Live TV On-Demand Service

Television Viewers want to have access to live shows and events on demand. They are limited by the broadcasting schedules and may miss out on watching their favorite programs.

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Program Scheduling Optimization Software

Television Programmers want to schedule programming lineup effectively. They struggle with optimizing program timings for maximum viewership..

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