New customers while you sleep.

This new AI listens to online audiences and sends you a "ping" when they discuss the problems that your business could solve. Be the first to join the conversation, once you've had your coffee!

Young lady, full of joy about brand-new customer conversations appearing on her phone

Prospecting takes time. Too much time.

Stop sifting through forums to find potential customers manually. Let an AI bring you people who have a problem that you already know how to solve.

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I don't just care about marketing. I care about You.

Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand how much work it is to keep a business running.

I'm determined to help you to get customers for the business on which you work so hard.

Matthias Bohlen
Founder, CustomerPing

Seeing is believing.

This video shows you what a Customer Radar Station can do for your business. It pings you on your phone about people who have a problem that you already know how to solve.

This is how it works.

Let the AI sift through forums, in search for people who need help from your business. 🔥 Do this to ignite the fire:

Setup a Radar

Tell our AI what's relevant to you

Tell our AI about the forum and about your business. The AI ranks the forum articles against your topics of interest, and pings you when it finds something worth your precious attention.

Connect your Device

Get notified when there's a match

Each Radar Station outputs an RSS feed that you can subscribe to, wherever you are: on your mobile phone, in Slack, Notion, your email inbox and more!

React to the Pings

Jump in when you see a "ping"

When you see a “ping”, join the conversation. Help your people, make them trust you and buy a solution from you.

What entrepreneurs are saying

Recently had a conversation with Luca, a fellow entrepreneur who makes Wuf, a mobile notifications app. This is what he said:

Discover new customers today

It’s time to put your customer discovery on autopilot. Sign up and have new prospects come to you!

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10 cents per forum article scanned.

Buy a pack of credits that keep the AI listening for you. It ranks each article against your own relevance criteria, so that you get only the interesting ones!

One credit is needed to rank one article.

Pay 10% less

Refill credits monthly to keep your AI listening, automatically.


Size S

$10 / month

The first 200 credits are on us.