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Where to find illustrators in order to convert them to customers

The idea that helps Illustrators

Illustrators want to monetize their artwork. However, they can't get it because they are unsure how to effectively market and sell their illustrations online.

Therefore, they need to use your solution, e.g. ArtMarket.

ArtMarket - Online Illustration Marketplace Platform : ArtMarket is a marketplace platform that connects illustrators with potential buyers. It offers features like instant digital downloads, print-on-demand services, and promotion tools to help illustrators monetize their artwork. Of course it is much better than the stuff from Etsy, or Redbubble!

How to find Illustrators

You can get insights about the pain points of illustrators if you listen to them carefully, either in person or online. Listening online is much easier because you need not ask them for a customer interview but you can observe them talking about their problems, out there in their natural habitat. They won’t even notice that you are there, watching and listening to them.

The process, step by step

One process that we can totally recommend is this:

  • Find out where illustrators hang out (Reddit, Mastodon, etc.)
  • Read what problems they talk about, and how urgent they are to them. (Did they try any solutions, yet? Did they spend money on anything, yet? Did they even cobble a homegrown solution together?)
  • Enter the conversation: Help them with tips, ask more about their situation and why they are in pain.
  • If you find recurring questions or pet peeves of illustrators, create some helpful content for them (e.g. a blog post, a podcast episode, or a video) and share it with them for free, in the same conversations. They will be delighted.
  • At the end of the blog post, invite them to use your solution: ArtMarket - Online Illustration Marketplace Platform.

I described the process here in my blog post: Identify a hungry audience.

If you do this manually, it may take you hours each day. Automate it, with a little help from the AI in CustomerPing!

Step 1 to find illustrators

To get started, edit the values in the following 3 input fields and click “Search illustrators”.

This is what will happen

  • An AI will brainstorm 5 good search keyword phrases for you to find illustrators and their pain points in online forums on the internet.
  • With one click, you can search for each keyword phrase right away.
  • CustomerPing will present the search results to you.
  • If you think that one of those results looks like illustrators wrote it, you can create a “customer radar station” on the forum where the post came from.
  • You describe what makes a post relevant to your business.
  • CustomerPing will “ping” you 24h a day, whenever illustrators complain about their pet peeve: They are unsure how to effectively market and sell their illustrations online.
  • Good for you because this is something that you can solve with artMarket - Online Illustration Marketplace Platform, right?

What to do when you get a “customer ping”

When such an alert appears on your mobile phone, you simply tap on it and join the conversation in the online forum.

Help illustrators to reach their goal: To monetize their artwork.

They will get to know, like and trust you. Eventually, they will buy your solution: ArtMarket - Online Illustration Marketplace Platform.

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