How to find customers for the Engineering, Product and Design industry

Examples for how to find customers in the Engineering, Product and Design industry and help them get what they want. Let's study one business idea at a time.

Realtime AI-powered financial news data

Financial institutions want to make lots of money by reacting quickly before the inefficient market does. They struggle because before LLMs, there was no tech for quickly understanding what happens.

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Natural language process automation tools for accountants

Accountants want to shorten the time spent on repetitive tasks. They struggle because existing automation tools are too difficult to use.

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Low-code API and workflow builder with an integrated DB

Developers want to create backends and automate repetitive workflows. They struggle because building backend tech takes a lot of time.

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Break down AI and cloud costs by feature and customer

Software companies want to optimize pricing and evaluate the profitability of each product. They struggle because correlation between AI endpoint calls and who invoked them is tedious.

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Open-source page speed tools

Webmasters want to measure, monitor, and optimize the speed of a site. They struggle because diagnosing performance issues on a site is difficult.

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AI-powered product education tool for SaaS companies

Product teams want to educate customers on how to use their product. They struggle because creating explainer videos and set-by-step guides is a lot of work.

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AI-powered 3D design

Designers want to create studio-quality computer graphics. They struggle because creating 3D renders is an expensive and time-consuming process that can take teams of highly trained specialists.

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Feature backlog with an AI that discovers what customers want

Product managers want to prioritize features correctly. They struggle because it is difficult to assess which customers want which features, how important is it for them, and how much are they worth.

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AI search and support copilots for developer products

Software companies want to retain users, reduct support loads, and understand what users are asking for. They struggle because developers spend lots of time trying to find out how to do something.

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Automated API Platform for fast-moving teams

Developers want to create APIs. They struggle because they have to deal with complicated JSON payloads, out-of-sync documentation, and unexpected contract changes.

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High-performance cloud for CI servers

Developers want to build and test their software. They struggle because build and test jobs take too much time to run.

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Continuous testing platform for APIs

Testers want to create realistic test cases for APIs. They struggle because testing the impact of every change in the software is tedious and time-consuming.

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