How to find customers for the Analytics industry

Examples for how to find customers in the Analytics industry and help them get what they want. Let's study one business idea at a time.

Fraud prevention software for ecommerce and travel

Merchants want to detect and prevent fraud. They struggle because analyzing transactions manually takes too much time.

Find those merchants

Analytics for consumer packaged goods brands

Retailers want to monitor sales and shipments of goods. They struggle because data is disparate or inaccessible, no standards for that data exist.

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Observability platform for AI companies

Developers of AI solutions want to track costs, result quality, and latency. They struggle because logging requests to an AI and processing those logs is boring and time-consuming.

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Predictive analytics for YouTube Creators

YouTube creators want to choose better topics, titles, and thumbnails to make more money. They struggle because figuring out how to optimize YouTube videos is hard.

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Github for data teams

Data analysts want to collaborate and manage SQL queries. They struggle because lack of unified work methodologies, each data user has a subjective interpretation to data analysis.

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AI-powered database queries

Developers want to write database queries. They struggle because query languages are hard.

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ARR Tracking and Forecasting for SaaS companies

SaaS companies want to calculate and forecast ARR accurately. They struggle because data sits in disparate locations and ARR tracking ends up in Excel.

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AI for analytics teams

Analytics teams want to find, contextualize and transform data. They struggle because data build tools are hard to use, slow, and uninspiring.

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AI-powered analytics

Product and business teams want to get answers to data questions. They struggle because databases are complex and intractable.

Find those product and business teams

Fine-tuned LLMs for enterprise data analysis

Business users want to query data in everyday language. They struggle because databases only understand SQL or other complicated query languages.

Find those business users

Automatically create and update slide decks and documents

Employees in large companies want to create up-to-date business reviews, financial reporting, and client presentations. They struggle because it takes 5-12h per week to update the slides with current data.

Find those employees in large companies


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